Get Results with Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a sort of advertising campaign that aims to prompt an action on the potential consumer’s end, such as the placement of an order, a visit to a store, restaurant or Web site, or a request for further information as a reaction to a message from the marketer. The communication can come in an assortment of formats including postal mail, direct e-mail marketing, telephone selling, and point-of-sale/POS dealings. Customer response should be quantifiable, meaning that the marketer or promoter should have the ability to determine whether or not a customer who was offered a markdown or promotion for online shopping takes advantage of said markdown or promotion.

With direct marketing, customers are approached directly with products or services. The most common forms of direct marketing are telephone sales, e-mails, catalogs, coupons, flyers and brochures. Effective direct marketing also involves compiling and maintaining a large databank of personal information in regards to prospective clients.

Direct marketing is great for businesses with a specific market who might find traditional forms of marketing, including radio and television, to be ineffective and even wasteful. For instance, a company’s target audience might not be listening to a specific radio station or watching a certain television station at the exact time that an advertisement aimed for them airs. Therefore, the money spent securing that radio or television spot did not necessarily reach the potential client. Direct marketing would have been a more proven method to utilize.

Weekly Homebuyers List has been the leading source for providing small businesses with quick and precise direct marketing data for years. We are proud to provide you with trusty real estate leads to assist you with your direct marketing campaigns.

Real estate leads provided by Weekly Homebuyers List are wonderful prospective clients for your business for many reasons, some of which have been detailed below:

  • New homebuyers tend to have a good to excellent credit rating following their move as well as a need for the services and/or items you can provide.
  • New homebuyers are more inclined to spend money than other individuals.
  • New homebuyers might demonstrate more of an interest in security businesses, decorators/interior designers, restaurants, car insurance companies, home improvement companies, lawn care businesses and other house-related industries which would be applicable to their new home.
  • New homebuyers are more than likely already looking for your services. They are more driven to form connections with service providers within their new neighborhood.

Direct marketing is a great way to reach this extremely lucrative target market audience simply and with cost-effectiveness. Weekly Homebuyers List offers a weekly updated list of new homeowners that allows your business to contact these new homeowners quickly, before your competition.

Weekly Homebuyers List believes in offering our clients the possibility to bring huge profits to their business by adapting a new homeowner, new mover, new business, e-mail marketing or specialty list package just to suit their needs. Contact us today to get started on your direct marketing campaign. We are here to help you decide which list will work the best for your direct marketing campaign and how to make the most of your customer database. Your success is important to us. We are eager to help you reach your own lucrative audience and look forward to hearing from you.